IMG_3676I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Leipzig, as part of the Humboldt Project led by James Conant. I recently moved to Leipzig from London, where I undertook a PhD in Philosophy at UCL. Before this, I did an MPhilStud in Philosophy, also at UCL, and before that I did my BA in Philosophy, Psychology and Physiology at the University of Oxford.

My research interests are mainly in metaphysics and the philosophy of action. In my PhD I focused on the relationship between agency, responsibility and causation, addressing a broad range of relevant considerations, including our ability to create and change abstract objects.  

Other topics of particular interest to me are ameliorative projects in intersectional feminist philosophy, the metaphysics of persons and organisms, composition and constitution, reduction, the early modern period, the interaction between different kinds of explanation in the cognitive sciences, and philosophy of mind more broadly.